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Kokoda Track Update - 29 September 2014

This morning the group were up early to see the sun rise over the magnificent Yodda Valley and attend a dawn service at the Isurava memorial. Then time for breakfast and packing away gear before getting underway for their last full day trekking the Kokoda Track.

DenikiToday their journey took them to the small village of Deniki, which is located about eight kilometres south of Kokoda and has a glorious view of the Yodda Valley and Kokoda.

Deniki figured prominently in the campaign particularly for the 39th Battalion and it was to this area that the elements of the battalion that had been engaged during the early skirmishes at Oivi withdrew on 27 July 1942.

Here they met up with Lieutenant Colonel W.T. Owen and the small force that had withdrawn from Kokoda. Together the troops returned briefly to Kokoda before again withdrawing to Deniki after a short engagement on 28 July which saw the death of Lieutenant Colonel Owen.

Luckily today its a much more peaceful and reflective spot where one can look over the view to Kokoda where they will finsih their adventure tomorrow morning.

After lunch at Deniki they continued on through to Hoi and on to their final destination of Kovelo for this evenings camp. There is much excitement in the air as they are so close to the end of their journey across the Kokoda Track. All are well and will enjoy a good night's rest tonight.

Kokoda Track Update - 28 September 2014


Today the group have trekked through Eora Creek to the magnificent Isurava battlefield and memorial. They arrived in plenty of time to explore the battle site including Kingsbury's Rock and the museum.

Tonight they will discuss the Battle of Isurava and valiant actions of Bruce Kingsbury VC. Tomorrow will be an early start for the dawn service. The group are excited to be at this significant battle site and can see their destination of Kokoda in the distance through the Yodda Valley. 


Kokoda Training Session - 12 Oct 2014

Arthurs SeatOur next training session will be on Sunday October 12th. We will meet at the bottom of the old Arthurs Seat Chair Lift (Melways ref 159 E9, marked chair lift start on the map, on Arthurs Seat Road.......just past Glenone Avenue

Time: Meet at 8.15am for an 8.30am start
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Duration: Approximately 4-5 hour round walk)

RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance is essential

Kokoda Track Update - 27 September 2014

eora-creek-village-900-300x225Today the group trekked up to Eora Creek where they stopped for lunch and took a side trip off to inspect the Japanese positions overlooking Eora Creek.

Then they continued on up to their campsite at Abuari Village. All are doing well.

The first Australian to be Killed in Action on an Australian operation in the First World War


Able Seaman John Courtney

Able Seaman John Courtney, from Ross Island, Townsville was one of the sailors advancing along the Bitapaka road on September 11, 1914 as part of the landing party of the Australian Naval and Expeditionary Force (AN&MEF). Courtney's real name was John Edward Walker. He was shot in the chest and in the base of the skull as he was fighting in the jungles of Rabaul.